Doors, doors and more doors

It’s amazing how little you need to spend on your home to get maximum return. Let’s start with your doors.

doorsPeople are generally busy these days and when they go house hunting the majority will be looking at the least amount of work they need to do. They want to move in and start living. This goes for any home at any price point. And you’ll be amazed at what people notice on home inspections. I’ve compiled a couple of tips on simple ways to improve the appearance of your home, in particular your doors.

The first thing home seekers notice is the front door. If you’re front door is tired then it’s reasonable for viewers to expect the rest of the house to be tired. A new front door or a freshly painted front door with new accessories could make a huge different.
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Refreshing or updating internal doors too can make a big difference. On the most part internal doors and door hardware look tired when the handles are either missing, mismatched or dented or the door is in need of a good coat of paint.
Read this article from “Real Simple – Life made easier” for tips on choosing paint colour and type for your doors.

You can either update your existing doors, or if you need new doors, Bunnings have a great range to choose from. Or you can go to an exclusive door outlet. You choose a door and I’ll arrange delivery and hang it.

Warning – Doors can be tricky to hang correctly as there is nothing worse than a door that gets stuck on the floor or a door that has a huge gap between the floor and door. I’ll ensure your door fits correctly.

Call me today for a quote on updating your doors. I can also arrange purchase and delivery.

About Josh Hamment

Hi, I’m Josh Hamment the proprietor of JMH Home Services. I’ve been in the building industry for over 14 years, completing my apprenticeship as a Kitchen, Shopfitter and Detailed Joiner. I have worked for several high-end kitchen, bathroom and shopfitting companies as well as a company that builds custom stands for large exhibitions and events. I have worked on large scale fitouts for retail and commercial premises in Westfield shopping centres as well as other well known fast food outlets across the state.
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