Quick tips to revamp your kitchen

You may not be able to completely renovate your kitchen or bathroom but there are many ways to update it cheaply and get back more than if you did nothing.

kitchen21. Revamp your cabinets
You can do this by either painting them if the surface allows or you can replace the doors with off the shelf cabinets but only if they are standard sizes. There are also some finishes you can spray onto them to give a complete new look.

Don’t forget the internals either. You can add organisers especially if you have hard to get to corners or you would like to organise your pots and pans or the ever-so-disorganised Tupperware.

2. Add or update a kitchen island
Whether it’s permanent or a portable one, if you have the space one maybe worth a consideration. The style doesn’t need to match exactly but it should fit within the style of the kitchen or home. Not only do they add extra cupboards they provide extra preparation space, and let’s face it, you can’t have enough preparation space.

3. Update the splashback
A splashback can make a huge difference to your kitchen and the materials you can use are vast. Tiles, coloured glass or stone or you can even use stainless steel. But remember never to over capitalise and keep it within the style of the home otherwise you’ll waste your money.

4. Upgrade the appliances

There are so many appliances on the market these days, and many with desirable price tags that updating them shouldn’t break the bank and don’t think you have to get the top-end brands, some of the lesser known ones look great and work just as well.

Appliance stores like ‘Factory Seconds’ off great deals with many appliances not looking like they have anything wrong with them or if they do you wouldn’t see the flaw in the final kitchen makeover.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to do all the work yourself.   I’ve renovated myself saving thousands of dollars by selecting good quality materials that look good and didn’t break the bank. I can advise you on how to achieve the same result as a new kitchen for much much less.

About Josh Hamment

Hi, I’m Josh Hamment the proprietor of JMH Home Services. I’ve been in the building industry for over 14 years, completing my apprenticeship as a Kitchen, Shopfitter and Detailed Joiner. I have worked for several high-end kitchen, bathroom and shopfitting companies as well as a company that builds custom stands for large exhibitions and events. I have worked on large scale fitouts for retail and commercial premises in Westfield shopping centres as well as other well known fast food outlets across the state.
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