See what my customers are saying.  Below are some testimonials.

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  1. Xuan says:

    “Thanks for your excellent service last Friday, and looking forward to next Saturday 22/02.

    Xuan from Gymea Bay

  2. Rohit says:

    “JMH!!! Outstanding service…
    We found Josh from Gumtree. First he came to our house to install kitchen island. We really liked his work. Then we called him again for Wardrobe installation of our all rooms and his work was again outstanding. He charges very reasonable, comes on time and finishes his job on time and perfectly. Very happy with the standard of service he provides!!!!!”
    Rohit from Ropes Crossing

  3. Sophia says:

    “Josh helped us fix so many things around our house to get it ship-shape and ready for leasing. It was very convenient to be able to get all these different jobs done through the one person. Josh was also very upfront about costs and happy to discuss options to help us get the most from our budget. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a skilled and honest home handyman.”

    Sophia from Oatley

  4. Gary and Bianca says:

    Josh is very competent in his job and his workmanship has been of a very high standard. He’s proven to be really reliable and trust worthy, and we highly recommend him to anyone considering using his services.

    Gary and Bianca from Sans Souci


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