You buy cheap, you buy dear

Everyone wants a deal when purchasing goods but buyer beware, it may not turn out to be the bargain you were hoping for.

buyerbewareAs my Grandmother always said – “you buy cheap, you buy dear”. Meaning, you may end up with a dud product at the end of the day. This too goes for services.

You can return goods, most of the time but you can’t return a botched up building jobs so make sure you do your homework before you let anyone provide home improvements, building or handyman services, after all your home it’s more than likely the most valuable asset you will ever own and one that can, if handled properly, bring you good returns.

Hiring an unskilled ‘handyman’ can lead to trouble, big trouble. So make sure you understand what qualifications, experience and licences they have before you hire them. Chances are they may not even be insured which means you’ll have no way of fixing any issues that may arise either during or after the job’s done.

Read this article about “The dangers of unskilled ‘hanymen’ doing building work

If you do obtain the services of anyone providing home improvement services and you are left with a mess, chances are you’ll spend time and money seeking compensation through the Small Claims Court which may not give you the required outcome.

Also there is the question of work experience. Would you trust a person who claims they are ‘handy’ or would you trust a tradesman with your valuable assets? A tradesman has had to work in the industry for several years and attend TAFE before they can claim to be tradesman. At TAFE they learn all aspects of doing their trade correctly as well as OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety).

It’s important to understand what qualifications your handyman has before you hire them to do small building work around your home. Also there are a vast range of licences, so check what your handyman is licensed to do and up to how much they can do around your home. For large scale projects you may need a qualified and licensed builder who can perform all types of building work as per the Home Building Act 1989.

At present the law says that unlicensed builders can quote for jobs under $3,300 up from $1,100, bringing the cowboys out to play and unsuspecting home owners ending up with unfinished or unsafe home renovations.

This article explains some of the issues facing the building industry. Unlicensed builders able to quote for jobs under $3300.

    NSW licensing protects you in the following ways:

  • – you deal with a legitmate business
  • – the tradesperson has the right qualifications for the job
  • – you enjoy better consumer protection
  • – you help to keep the shonks out.

Ask your service provider for their licence number and make sure it’s legitimate. As for me my licence details are shown on the Contact page.

About Josh Hamment

Hi, I’m Josh Hamment the proprietor of JMH Home Services. I’ve been in the building industry for over 14 years, completing my apprenticeship as a Kitchen, Shopfitter and Detailed Joiner. I have worked for several high-end kitchen, bathroom and shopfitting companies as well as a company that builds custom stands for large exhibitions and events. I have worked on large scale fitouts for retail and commercial premises in Westfield shopping centres as well as other well known fast food outlets across the state.
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